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Chief Joseph White Bull

Chief Joseph White Bull, a "scalp-shirt" wearer or principal chief of the Minneconjou Sioux, amassed an enviable record of courage in the Battle of Little Big Horn in which he counted 7 coups, killed two soldiers in hand-to-hand combat, one of whom he later believed to be Georg A. Custer, and captured two guns and 12 horses. He died in 1947 aged 97.

"My cousin Bad Soup (Bad Juice) took a buckskin jacket off a dead soldier-chief - one I had shot earlier. In one of the pockets he found coils of long yellow hair. 'That man there was Long hair Custer' he told me. He thought he was the greatest man on earth, but he lies there now. He cut his hair so he would be scalped."
Cherry Creek, SD 1939

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